Puppy pre school

The first weeks after its birth, training is taken over by its mother who dominates its environment. Later, while exploring the environment; its siblings help the puppy to set some more rules. At the age of 8 to 9 weeks old the puppy is ready to move to its new home. Puppy pre-school is a seminar-type course where the foundations of our pack structure will be set and instructions are given to new operators to meet the needs of our dogs.

This course is usually completed after 4 lessons. The lessons last one hour and are completed in about a month, always depending on the availability of the handler.

During these lessons the handler will learn:

  • How to fulfill puppy's basic needs
  • Create a balanced daily routine
  • create or improve bonding, engagement and pack structure
  • introduce the basic commands that will be used later in basic obedience

Indicative age 2-7 months.